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Do you live in Nassau or Suffolk County? Are You Over-Paying Your Property Taxes? Fill Out Our brief 60-Second Online Application for a free evaluation, with absolutely No Risk to you.

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"I Saved $2,347.00 every year by filling out a 60-second online application with TruTax."
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TruTax Reduction Services, Inc. uses its’ in-house professionals to represent you in your challenge to the town’s assessment of the value of your home.

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TruTax provides a certified appraisal and extensive research to handle all aspects of your case, from application to appeal if you live in Suffolk or Nassau County, Long Island New York.

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We do this all without any risk to you, our client. If we do not win a reduction in your property taxes, you pay nothing. Put our team to work for you on a no-risk basis. You’ll be glad you did!

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